01 January 2019

This is officially not another reboot post.

Because every damn time I publish one of those, I turn around and immediately fail to blog for many months thereafter. So this isn't a reboot post.

It's a reset post. Because that's different, right?


I'm now one academic term into my PhD, or I would be if academic terms were an actual thing for PhD student. As it turns out, they really aren't. Doing a PhD means you just work, and work until you're done.

And it's definitely a lot of work. This somehow came as a surprise to me, despite everything everyone said about PhDs being a lot of work, which just goes to show that my ego and reality weren't - again - on speaking terms. My bad. Even reading things like Tiphaine Rivière's outstandingly good graphic novel "Notes on a Thesis" was only enough to make me think that the whole PhD thing might be a painful experience for some people - other people - but not for me.

Or at least that was my thinking in September, which was approximately 3850 years ago. Now, pages like this have taken on a new, painful resonance:

All of which is by way of saying that I'm taking the new year as a new opportunity to start blogging again. But if I stop and you want to find me to get me to start again, you might want to start your search in the library.

Happy New Year, y'all.

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