15 February 2020

Cabmen's Shelter, Russell Square

There are two places to eat in Russell Square: Caffè Tropea inside the gardens, and the Cabmen's Shelter on the Northwest corner. Caffè Tropea is a lovely cafe, but the Cabmen's shelter is by far the most fun. If you're not a cab driver, you can't go in - so you wait for your food at the window, while the drivers chat and laugh with each other and whoever is doing the cooking. (So many cab drivers can fit in there at one time that I strongly suspect it's bigger on the inside.)

The food is best described as "hearty." "Mostly fried" also works. But the prices are reasonable, and it's a great way to get your daily grease allowance. The prices, at least in terms of finance, if not health, are more than reasonable. And, of course, it's as genuine London as you'll find.

I absolutely love the place.