27 April 2006

My daughter's revenge

My daughter has been having some homework and study habit issues lately that have lead to some stress for her. She hasn't been doing her spelling homework, and she has been doing poorly on spelling tests. This issue came to a head a couple of days ago, when I received a note from her teacher alerting me to the problem.

The daughter and I had a bit of a long talk about this yesterday (punishment in and of itself), and she's been handed a substantial "no computer, no TV, no nothing" sentence as a result. She thinks that this is massively unfair, because it's not like spelling is really important, and said so. I told her she was wrong, and the conversation ended there.

Today, I did a talk to her class for career week. Instead of just doing a talk, I decided it would be fun to spend most of the time answering questions. In retrospect, that might have been a bit of a mistake.

The Daughter (hand in the air): "What does DNA stand for?"

Me: "Deoxyribonucleic acid."

The Daughter (attempting to radiate wide-eyed innocence): "How do you spell that?"


Anonymous said...


Alan Kellogg said...

How long do we get to wait for the rest of the story?

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around -- and as your mom - I can only rejoice

d. dunford said...


JM O'Donnell said...


She is one sassy lady you have there.

Anonymous said...

So...did you spell it?