28 April 2006

Friday Random Ten: The "Who the Hell am I" version

I was seriously considering writing a serious post today. Howard Kurtz has an interesting post about blogs over at the WaPo site, which fed into some thinking I've been doing about the subject. That's going to have to wait a day or two, though.

My fellow graduate students have honored me by making me one of the four department grad representatives for the next year (put another way, there was a popularity contest and I lost), so I now have to suffer through the same meetings that the faculty go to. After 2 hours working on the question sets for the diagnostic exams that are given to entering graduate students, I am totally unable to put together much in the way of coherent thought.

So, instead of an incisive and insightful post on the broader implications of blogging, here's a Friday Random Ten. (Which you'll probably enjoy more anyway, so this is kind of a win-win thing.)

1: Silver Spring
Fleetwood Mac

2: Me and Bobby McGee
Arlo Guthrie (Live in Sydney)

3: Livin' in America
Black 47

4: Turn the World Around
Harry Belafonte

5: Appalachian Spring - "The gift to be simple"
Leonard Bernstein/New York Philharmonic

6: Snoopy and the Red Baron
The Royal Guardsmen

7: A Little Respect

8: Hawaii 78
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

9: Downtown Baghdad Blues
Black 47

10: Jack and Diane
John Mellencamp

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