24 December 2005

A Christmas Wish


Anonymous said...


Reading your blog on this day of days on this very Christmas night as the old song goes. I can’t but help reminisce about all the fun Christmas times we had in that Bronx apartment. After those fun memory filled 20 seconds were up I started thinking about how much of a dork you are using the internet to spread scientific ideas. Don’t you realize the internet was “founded” by a certain Democrat presidential wanna-be for only two things porno and idle chit chat or idle chit chat about porno (side note: my personal favorite).

Come on Susan. When I get back from this land of the “pure” I’m going to dump a garbage can over your head take a step back lift my hands in a triumphant motion of joy and yell, “O’doyle rules!” Just like what happened to you during those four tumultuous years of high school.

Somewhat respectfully,
Your “loving” brother (Mom makes me say that),

Anonymous said...

God bless us, every one!