04 September 2005

What control?

An article in the Washington Post contains an interesting paragraph toward the end of the piece:

On television, Chertoff was omnipresent, dispatched by the administration to appear on all five Sunday news shows after FEMA Director Michael Brown's damage-control efforts met with little success last week.

Strangely, I'm not actually sure what the intended meaning of this paragraph is. Do they mean that "Brownie" has been barred from the talk shows because his initial efforts at controlling the damage in New Orleans have proven to be so inept? Or are they trying to indicate that the former head of the International Arabian Horse Association is not going to do the talk shows because he is even less competent at political damage control than he is at the real thing?

I hope it's for the former reason, but given Bush's habit of promoting those in the administration who have committed egregious errors, I doubt it.
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