09 September 2005

So that's what it takes...

Apparently, the Bush administration did not consider the mere fact that Michael Brown, according to his own CV and online bio, had virtually no emergency services experience prior to joining FEMA to be a reason for concern. However, reports that he may have inflated his credentials slightly when he wrote that CV is.

Yet again, I can't figure out what about this whole thing scares me the most - the fact that anyone might actually seriously consider the question of whether or not he had "emergency services oversight" when serving as "assistant city manager" (or possibly "assistant to the city manager" of an Oklahoma city with a population of 70,000 has any substantial relevance to his qualifications to run FEMA, or the fact that nobody appears to have caught any of a substantial number of potential CV discrepencies mentioned in a time magazine online feature.

This whole situation that has erupted since Katrina struck is unreal. It is difficult to pinpoint what the most unreal part of it is. The most disturbing part is easier to figure out - it's the large number of different things that all seem to indicate that the president just plain didn't give a damn about the federal role in disasters.
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