26 August 2005


I just made a change to commenting procedures. I've gotten a bit of comment spam over the past couple of days, and I'm tired of having to go through and manually delete them. I've activated Blogspot's "word verification" feature, so in order to comment you will have to do the whole type the goofy looking word in the box thing. I know it's annoying, and I'm sorry, but it beats having to deal with all those "great job, now come see my [insert commercial blog] blog" type posts.

It also occurs to me that I haven't outlined a comment policy yet. Here it is:

I reserve the right to delete any post at any time for any reason. But I only plan to delete those comments which are either entirely off topic, illeagal, or which use language unsuitable for children. My eight year old looks at the blog sometimes, and I'd like to make sure that it stays a site I'd be comfortable having her read.
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