21 August 2005

After a couple of days delay...

...I'm back up and posting.

My mother-in-law is visiting from the mainland right now, so between that and trying to get everything together for the start of classes tomorrow, things have been kind of hectic this weekend.

But right now things are calm. Everyone's been sufficiently entertained for the weekend, things have been taken care of around the house, the website for the class that I'm TAing is finished (but not online yet), and I've read the two of the three chapters that my professors were kind enough to assign as homework before the damn semester even started. Now all I have left to do before tomorrow is finish that last chapter of homework, get back to the reading for my proposal, and get together with the prof I'm TAing for to make sure that the website goes up and that we have worked out any last minute details. Since my schedule for the rest of the week is a bit hectic, I probably also should go out and grab the three big bags of Koa Haole seed pods I'll need for the first lab.

Maybe seven credits really is a lot.
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