08 December 2015

*tap* *tap* Is this thing still on?

It's been a long time, baby. But it turns out that I actually miss blogging - even if I'm my only reader. 

I clearly haven't updated this thing for nearly a decade. I bailed from here to ScienceBlogs, from ScienceBlogs to Scientopia, and then wandered away from blogging altogether for a few years. But I still like to rant, still like to try to explain things, and still like to do both those things with text. Blogging might have become your father's communications method of choice since I walked away, but that's my demographic these days. 

Anyway. . .

This blog started around the time I first started grad school in 2005. That was in a Zoology program. I dropped out of that in 2007, spent a few years on a semi-involuntary tour of the South, got back to Hawai‘i, started law school in 2012, graduated this summer, passed the bar, and now I'm back in grad school again. (This time in law.) Feels like a whole circle of life kind of thing, but hopefully without the stampeding wildebeests.  

I'm making no promises on updates. My next steps from here are to try and get the various social media tools working - I'm playing around with ifttt.com and a couple of other things - and to look at how well (if at all) I'll be able to post from my phone. But I'm going to try to start moving at least my longer Facebook rants here, and may get a few other things up in the next few days.

Oh - and there are ads here now. I have no expectation that they will actually earn me anything, and will turn them off if they get too annoying (unless, of course, I'm actually earning something). I'm mostly curious about how they work. They're toward the bottom of the page now, but I'm likely to play with that a bit over time. 
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