09 May 2006

Lack of updates apology

Sorry for the recent lack of updates here. I was sick as a dog for a good chunk of last week, and have family in town. It's also the end of the semester, so grades are coming due and I still have a load of grading to do. Updates will probably remain a bit sporadic for the next day or two, but should get back to normal after that.

Oh, and there may be some changes to the blog in the next week or two.


RinzeWind said...

Please, don't apologize if you can't post for a period of time. Your readers should be able to realize that you might be busy somewhere else.

Said that, I hope we can have your writings back soon.

Tukla in Iowa said...

I was sick as a dog for a good chunk of last week

Ooo, don't use "sick" and "chunk" in the same sentence.

Seriously, don't sweat it. Your fans aren't going anywhere. And, frankly, I couldn't possibly keep up with two PZ Meyers!!

Bro. Bartleby said...

A bit off topic (but do hope you a speedy recovery), perhaps one of you can answer, or point me in the right direction. We have a Sage sparrow that built a nest in the monastery, and Bro. Juniper questioned how "innate" or "instinct" or "inborn" skills, such as nest building, first get into the DNA code. We note that the fledgling sparrow isn't "taught" nest building, yet upon maturity they masterfully do build nests.
Bro. Bartleby

d. dunford said...

Hey. Get off your lazy butt and create some content.

Seriously. Your idiot brother needs him some science.

Also, you have "fans?" I find this awesome and horrifying. Fans are cool. Draw the line at groupies.