30 May 2006

For Congress, Wherever You Are:

First, they came for your library and bookstore records.
And Congress said, "Damn Straight. Anyone reading both the Koran and The Anarchists' Cookbook is clearly a terrorist, and needs to be shipped off to Gitmo."

Then they came to listen in on your overseas phone calls.
And Congress said, "Great idea. We need to know if that cab driver in New York is badmouthing the president to his parents back home."

Then they came to get your domestic phone records.
And Congress said, "That's right. We need to check on anyone placing frequent calls to the falafel joint down the street."

Then they came for some files in the office of a congressman who had just been caught on tape accepting a $100,000 bribe, $90,000 of which was found in his freezer.
And Congress said, "Hey, wait! You can't do that to us! We've got ill-defined and poorly spelled out Constitutional rights! We're going to hold hearings on this right away!"

1 comment:

Mark said...

Keep in mind how many laws Congress has passed that exempts members of Congress.