13 February 2006

Bloody stupid media

It looks like the media got a bit pissed at Scott McClellan during the press briefing today. Why? Because they weren't promptly informed that the Vice President accidentally shot his hunting partner.

Useless whining schmucks.

They have been routinely mushroomed by this administration over the past five years on a virtually limitless range of subjects. They have very rarely demonstrated anger about any of this. (Of course, it's possible that they still haven't noticed.) They could have gotten angry about being lied to on a policy story - it's not like that hasn't happened - but, no. Instead, they pitch a fit because they weren't told about a story that looks to be more fodder for the Daily Show than serious news.


d. dunford said...

If it takes something insubstantial to spark genuine outrage, then so be it.

I mean, the snowball that started Watergate was...a break in. That's hardly anything - I've gotten away with that hundreds of times...

I've said too much.

TQA said...

Being too drunk to find your keys doesn't count as a break-in.

d. dunford said...

That was Nick.

PS. They were in his hand.

PPS. If you think something insubstantial can be inconsequential, I urge you to think of a cartoon.