16 January 2006

Talk about your first impression.

A News @ nature.com article discusses a study just published in Behaviour and Information Technology. It would appear that people can form snap judgements on websites given a view that is as short as 50 milliseconds. I guess finding a good template is more important than I thought.

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Jay said...

That's one of the reasons I spent so much time lovingly creating my own site's design. (I've worked as a freelance web designer for a while but I'm going to grad school, starting tomorrow actually).

Anybody that's designed and programmed webpages could confirm how important the visual looks can be. If encountered with a webpage not visited before, users subconsciously base the reliability and trustworthiness of the information or services they get based on the design...

I too am surprised by this study, that people could recognize the difference in such little time, but regardless of the time, it doesn't surprise me that people make the judgement quickly.