04 January 2006

Somebody needs to buy that man a clue...

...I mean, you'd think that between the family money and the whole President thing, Bush would have one, but this is apparently not the case. I first found this quote via a Maureen Dowd article that my mother sent me, but was quickly able to confirm it on the White House website (both in print and video). One of the things that he said during his opening statement was:
As you can possibly see, I have an injury myself -- not here at the hospital, but in combat with a Cedar. I eventually won. The Cedar gave me a little scratch. As a matter of fact, the Colonel asked if I needed first aid when she first saw me. I was able to avoid any major surgical operations here, but thanks for your compassion, Colonel.
My first reaction when I read this was that it was a poor, mean-spirited attempt at satire by Dowd. Then I remembered that this is the same man who once literally invited our enemies to attack American troops ("bring 'em on"), and decided to see if he really said it.

He did. This man, this Commander-in-Chief, actually joked about sustaining an injury in "combat" with a tree while visiting a hospital full of troops that went into, and were injured in, battle at his command. They get shot, stabbed, and bombed. He gets a boo-boo playing at his ranch.

Watching the president's little act was like watching the three-year-old who needs a band-aid because his big brother is getting one, too. It's as if he can't stand the thought of someone else being the focus of attention, or, for that matter, the concept of someone else being more important than him. That man is a disgrace.

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