24 January 2006

A non-update update

I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting something every day, so, without further ado...


Seriously, I'm working on a couple of actual science posts. I was hoping to get one of them up today, but circumstances conspired against it. I got tied up with a car repair, then got home to find my dog missing. He was eventually located in the custody of the Humane Society, but that kind of blew the evening. Then I got to grade papers.

Grading papers, for those of you who have not had the experience, can actually be a very interesting study in human psychology and miscommunication. It's also a very good way to kill off neurons, without all those pesky side-effects that you get using chemical methods of brain-cell elimination.

Tonight, I was grading lab notebooks. This was the first time that the students have had to turn them in, so I wasn't expecting too much from them this time - and I almost got it.

Here's the breakdown:
Notebooks expected: 15
Notebooks received: 14

# of Students who followed
all directions correctly: 2

#of different ways
directions misunderstood: 12

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