24 October 2005

This morning's dose of hypocrisy

It would appear that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Republican of Texas, thinks that perjury is a crime when a Democrat does it, but a "technicality" when committed by a Republican. Isn't it nice that our country is being lead right now by people with such firm moral standards?


Anonymous said...

The argument for Intelligent Design can help "explain" the wonder and awe of our world. Do I agree with it? Hell no.

I took a class in Vert Zoo, and I was lucky enough to have a stunning Prof. To have evolution, anatomy, etc. laid out in a big mural of life and change was a religious experience to me. Every Tues., Thurs., and lab on Mon. was breathtaking.

So for those who support Intelligent Design so strongly, I have a question. Assuming the Intelligent Designer is a superior entity, how can we be so arrogant to think that We know more and feel that we need to change or correct what the Designer made initially?

For instance: The Designer made polar ice caps, why do we feel we have to continue to melt them?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Hutchinson meant that perjury is an unpardonable sin when it is committed with reference to one's penis, but is insignificant when it is committed with regard to what may be considered a treasonable action. Gotta have one's priorities.