13 August 2005

Why isn't our children learning?

I took these pictures, showing the screen of a Sega video game, at a nearby Chuck E. Cheese today. I think they definitely help answer Bush's question about education.


Burt Humburg said...

Although it doesn't excuse the poor grammar, you have to remember that most of these games are programmed in Korea or Japan. The game dialog, unfortunately, can be written by people whose mother tongue isn't English.

Consider Bubble Bobble. If you won the game correctly, it would display, "Happy End."

Of the same error language, this is good example probably.


mathyoo said...

and don't forget about Zero Wing!

"All yuor base are belong to us" (yes, "yuor" is the way it was spelled in the game)

"somebody set up us the bomb"

and many other gems

read more: http://protos.dk/?p=26

d. dunford said...

Yes, blame the videogames!

Apesnake said...

I does not understand what is wrong with the phonograph. Can you be more specificer?