30 August 2005

New Orleans satellite images - before/after

Addendum: 1 September.
I've put up another post with some of my thoughts about the situation in New Orleans right now, and about the long-term needs that some victims are likely to have.

One of my professors just emailed these out to a bunch of us. The originals are available from NASA's Earth Observatory site, but that site seems to be overloaded right now, so I'll put the pictures up here, too.

Lake Pontchartrain appears to have simply overflowed - not just into New Orleans, but over all of its banks. The pictures, very sadly, speak for themselves. For once, I am totally at a loss for words.
For those who want to see them, the original pictures are available at these two links:

August 27 (before) picture
August 30 (after) picture

Update 30 Aug 05, 20:30 HST. I finally got onto the original NASA site. Here's a link to the news release containing those images with the NASA interpretation.
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